American Gymnast Brings Ninja Warrior to Your Gym!


Another season of American Ninja Warrior is winding down and it's popularity is bigger than ever. It's easy to see why, right? You have people of all ages, each with an interesting backstory, competing on the same course. Where else can you see a 20 year-old female, former gymnast compete against a 50 year old male ...

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5 Variations to Your Normal Jog


For many people, the first thing they say to themselves when they decide it's time to get in shape is, "I need to start jogging.". Personally, I stay away from the basic jog these days. It's not that I don't think jogging is good for getting some exercise. It just doesn't get me excited and I don't like the idea of ...

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American Gymnast 3D Gym Design Brings Projects to Life

3d gym design logo

We just finished up a recent 3D gym design project with a client of ours from evo Athletics. They have a grand vision with this new gym and are focusing not only on a facility that lends itself to world class gymnastics and cheer training, but also has top notch amenities for anyone wishing to hang around while ...

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U.S. Men’s World Team Announced….Shocked!?

Sam Mikulak

Here is the 2015 U.S. Men's World Championship team, which was just announced this evening after the conclusion of the P&G U.S. Championships:   Sam Mikulak Donnell Whittenburg Danell Leyva Paul Ruggeri Alex Naddour Brandon Wynn   Alternates Chris Brooks Marvin Kimble   The biggest shocker for me is not the names listed on the men’s world championship team, but one of the names not listed – Jake ...

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Women’s Finals…Post-Meet Thoughts

Just got back from the women's finals and wanted to post some immediate thoughts... First I'd say that overall this was a much better meet than Day 1.  Although I wasn't in the arena the first day, the sense I got was there was more positive energy in today's finals and fewer overall falls.  The top ...

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The Top 12 Contenders For the Women’s World Team….Is There A Dark Horse?

Six male and female gymnasts will be selected for the upcoming world championships to be held in Glasgow, Scotland Oct 23- Nov 2, 2015.  Tonight represents the final opportunity for the women's contenders to prove themselves in major competition before the team is selected.  At this point in time, it looks like we have four ...

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5 Shockers From Women’s Day 1 at the U.S. Championships

1. Maggie Nichols Dazzles. We knew she was right in the mix after her extremely impressive performance at the recent Secret U.S. Classic, but would anyone have ever predicted this gymnast would be leading the two-time world all-around champion and THREE Olympic champions in the all-around after 3 events at the U.S. National Championships? I ...

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American Gymnast – Fueling the Flame


The “Flame” is the desire that burns within every athlete that is pushing themselves to the limit physically, mentally and emotionally to achieve at their highest level.

The mission of American Gymnast is to support these athletes by providing the highest quality competition and training products, information and services in an effort to help these athletes achieve their dreams.

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Is Being a Creature of Habit Good for Athletes?

Over time, when it comes to our athletic training, we all tend to develop the mindset of, "this has always worked for me, so there's no reason to change it." Or, "I'm comfortable with what I'm doing and it seems to be getting the job done." In the article below, by James Clear, you will see ...

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Change Your Life With a Paper Clip


We all tell ourselves at some point that we are going to get in the habit of doing something consistently that is beneficial to our health, sport, fitness, career or life. It's the same story for many people. We start our new habit with excitement and motivation and then slowly we start to fade, make a ...

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