Change Your Life With a Paper Clip


We all tell ourselves at some point that we are going to get in the habit of doing something consistently that is beneficial to our health, sport, fitness, career or life. It's the same story for many people. We start our new habit with excitement and motivation and then slowly we start to fade, make a ...

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Tips to Reignite the Fire in Your Workouts


As motivation fades from the beginning of the year commitment to working out, we all need a little push to get back on track. It’s time to reignite the fire!

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Is it Normal to Dread Your Workout?


If you are involved in some form of athletics, whether it be gymnastics, crossfit, triathlons or even just working out, it's quite possible you love the competition or results aspect (if we are speaking of just working out in the gym) of your sport and maybe have a love/hate relationship with the training aspect. If you ...

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The First Quintuple Turn? Test Your Gymnastics Eyes

spinning top

Is this the first quintuple turn ever attempted in competition? Check it out after her 2nd tumbling pass (starts at 39 sec): Marta Pihan-Kulescza Floor - 2015 Europeans EF I'm not sure if the judges gave her credit for that (she really started falling out of that after the 3rd spin), but I do not know of ...

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Russian Resurgence!

Afanasyeva floor pose

Perhaps the loudest statement made at this week’s European Championships in Montpellier, France was made by the Russian women.  This is by far the strongest this team has looked in quite some time….certainly since the 2012 Olympics, and I may go so far as to say since 2010 when this team won the world title.  ...

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They’re Back! Olympic Champions From London Launch Impressive Comebacks in Italy

Here were "7 Takeaways" from today's team and all-around competition at the City of Jesolo Trophy meet, taking place in Italy this weekend:   1.  Simone Biles is still on top, but the field behind her just got deeper.  What was so cool about this meet – other than featuring the official comebacks of 2012 Olympic champions ...

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Selecting the Right Gymnastics Landing Mats

firm landing matfirm landing mat

With so many gymnastics mats available, it can become overwhelming in determining which size and style is the right fit for your gym. Gymnastics landing mats in particular take a lot of abuse, but these mats provide that critical protection under each apparatus that is vital to the safety of your gymnasts. Here are some key points to know about them.

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What’s the Best Way to Mat Your Balance Beams?


We are often asked "What is the best way to mat my balance beam area?" so we thought it fitting to provide detailed illustrations of some typical setups. Below are some standard matting setups for competitions (JO and FIG) as well as for an everyday gymnastics training situation. JO Competition Setup Junior Olympic competition rules require 12cm ...

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Biles Wows Arlington Crowd….Can Anyone Catch Her Before Rio?

Simone Biles leap

I’ve decided we’re going to have to blindfold Simone Biles at her next competition to give the other gymnasts at least a fighting chance. I can’t recall another gymnast who has remained this dominant over the rest of the world in the all-around for two years straight.  Even a longtime champion like Svetlana Khorkina had her ...

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Throw Your Heart Over the Bar…

Self confidence plays a key role in the success of any athlete, especially gymnasts. Since gymnastics consists of high flying, often scary skills, it is so important to possess this vital attribute. Let's face it, we've all had those little mishaps, falls or bad meets that rattled our self confidence and sent us spiraling in to ...

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