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Some Thoughts On Women’s Night One…Some Surprises in Store For Worlds?

Simone Biles floor pose

Looks like Biles' near meltdown at the U.S. Classic was a fluke after all – she looked absolutely solid and confident on night one.  Taking a little difficulty out of beam proved to be a great idea (easier acro series) – I would have never predicted she’d score a 9.2 in execution on beam and ...

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Victoria Moors Throws Huge Skill at Pan Am Games

Victoria Moors floor

Victoria Moors Floor Routine at 2013 Pan Am Games: We saw the popular Canadian unveil the spectacular laid-out double double earlier this year at the 2013 Canadian Championships – not long after American Mykayla Skinner made waves for throwing the very same gutsy move in the United States.   In this weekend’s Pan American Games, Moors didn’t quite ...

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Maroney and Ross Shine At U.S. Classic…Full Thoughts On The Meet!

Ross and Maroney

Kyla Ross looked very good and did deserve the title, despite not having a whole lot of competition (not to diminish Peyton Ernst’s outstanding performance).   Kyla’s beam was solid but certainly not spectacular, and would certainly benefit from some upgrading and perhaps a little creativity.  I’m never a fan of using a simply back handspring layout ...

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Kyla Ross Full Beam Routine In Podium Training

Kyla Ross beam

This was just put up today. She’s now added the wolf jump after the punch front, which she does very, very well and which now gives her 0.1 in connection under the 2013 code of points. I do think that overall this routine is a little choppier than the one she competed last year – lots of ...

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Simone Biles’ New Skill – Check Out Who Performed This Eight Years Ago! And Some Pre-Meet Thoughts On The U.S. Classic

Biles leap

Simone Biles turned a lot of heads in yesterday’s podium training for the Secret U.S. Classic with her incredible double layout with a half turn – not to be confused with a laid out double Arabian, in which the half turn occurs early in the skill and is supposed to show a laid out double ...

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John Orozco Back On Track – New Skills At the 2013 National Qualifier

Orozco pommel horse

John Orozco’s Routines 2013 Men’s National Qualifier Orozco is still coming back from the torn left ACL and meniscus he suffered while performing a parallel bars dismount on the post-Olympic tour in October, and thus didn’t compete floor and vault in this competition.  However, he recently indicated in an interview that he intends to perform all ...

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I’ll Bet You’ve Never Seen This Skill Landed – Bobby Baker Wows At Men’s Qualifier

Bobby Baker Headshot

Bobby Baker Floor Exercise 2013 Men's National Qualifier Seventeen-year-old junior gymnast Bobby Baker of Aerial Gymnastics in Lemont, IL may be the only gymnast in the world competing a full twisting double front on floor exercise.  He did throw the skill on both days of this year’s Winter Cup as well, but fell short the first ...

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Should We Call Them “Sketchecution Scores?” A Look At Afanasyeva’s Floor Routine

Judges picture

Is Afanasyeva being underscored?   I already touched on a few of the scoring concerns I had in the men’s competition.  Now it’s time to look at a few of the women’s.  This post will be about Afanasyeva’s floor – which many would agree is currently the best in the world.   Ksenia Afanasyeva Floor 2013 World University Games ...

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Some Controversial Judging Moments in a Spectacular Men’s Finals

Garibov cheering

I just had a chance to watch all of the men’s even finals in their entirety.  Here were some things that stuck out:   RUSSIA!   Wow this team is looking phenomenal right now.  The addition of Nikolai Kuksenkov - the transplanted Ukrainian and new World University Games all-around champion – is HUGE in and of itself, but aside ...

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Women’s Vault Wrap-Up

Hong Un Jong

I did catch the women’s vault final this morning, so I wanted to post a few comments.  I’ll have more on some of the other finals later on.   This women’s vault final was great.  What an incredible surprise to see that Afanasyeva has suddenly become a world medal threat on vault!  Her Amanar was fantastic, and ...

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