How Can Athletes Maximize Their Motivation?

Do you love or despise the Grind?  According to Dr. Jim Taylor, the Grind is the point in your athletic training when things get tiring, painful and tedious. I struggled with this very thing as a gymnast. I got to a point where I realized my motivation was gone, and the grind had gotten the ...

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4 Things Every Cheerleader Should Be Doing

Those just starting off their cheerleading career often find themselves in a very challenging predicament. After teaching cheerleaders tumbling for over 7 years, I saw it way too often. These young aspiring athletes are typically thrust in to a beginning tumbling class, given a pat on the back, and told to go get that back ...

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Is Perfectionism Good for Gymnasts?


In my mind, those words gave me permission to do whatever I had to do to hit my routine. It was reassurance that my teammates weren’t expecting perfection from me, but that they were expecting to see me fight and scrap to hit my routine at all costs. It might be ugly, but I knew I was willing to give everything I had.

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Gymnastics Ring Strength Training at Home

Crossfit dip ring group workout dipping in a row

Having spent a majority of my youth in gymnastics, I love seeing the general fitness community incorporate and embrace some of the pieces of equipment I spent years training on. It’s not uncommon to stroll in to your neighborhood gym and see a set of parallettes or a set of gymnastics rings dangling from the ...

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Are You as Fit as a Ninja Warrior?


The seventh season is underway, but it seems that it really hasn’t been until the last few years that American Ninja Warrior has really gained a serious following. Last season was especially intriguing with the success of former female gymnast, Kacy Catanzaro and the oldest competitor in the history of the competition to make the finals, Jon ...

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Can Mustafina Challenge Simone Biles? An Event-By-Event Look

Mustafina floor

I think the old Mustafina is finally back.   Ever since tearing her ACL at the 2011 European Championships, there’s been something missing from the 2010 world all-around champion’s gymnastics.  Although she still managed to win multiple medals at the 2012 Olympics and 2013 world championships, Aliya Mustafina has never quite shown the same fierce competitive confidence ...

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Price Increase Coming Soon. Order Now and Save


Coming September 1st, there will be a significant increase in prices on most all of our gymnastics equipment and mats.  So, what that means for you is that if you have been planning to make a significant purchase of gymnastics equipment and/or mats in the next couple of months, you're best off ordering before the end ...

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So What’s The Verdict? A Projected Six-Member Women’s World Team

Simone Biles leap

Although the field was quite small in this competition, I’d have to say I was still very impressed with the quality of gymnastics of the gymnasts who did compete.  Simone Biles continued to sizzele (I’ll forgive one fall on beam especially considering she still won by over 4 points), Kyla Ross was dead on and ...

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Women’s Day 1 Wrap-Up….Always Some Surprises!

Alyssa Baumann

Simone Biles is the first female gymnast in recent years whom I would have no hesitation in calling the best all-arounder in the world TWO years in a row.   We could have easily said that about Kohei Uchimura on the men’s side for several years straight, but when was the last time we could truly ...

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What is the Most Important Skill in Your Routine?


"It's the next one, not the past one" ... as Dr. Cohn points out in his interview below with well-known sport psychology consultant, Dr. Keith Henschen.  This interview is a must-read for athletes and coaches that want to succeed at the highest level in their sport. by Dr. Patrick Cohn Do you have difficulty staying focused during ...

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