Important Part of Training You May Not Be Doing

Here is some really good news for you! You are actually capable of performing perfectly every time! Do I have your attention? Great! Now I will finish that statement. You can perform perfectly every your head. You might be thinking, "what are you talking about and why do I care about that?" Well, hear me ...

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I Love Gymnastics, But There is That One Thing…

If you are in the sport of gymnastics, I’m going to assume you are sticking to it quite simply because you love it. Let’s face it, gymnastics is not for the faint of heart. Typically, those starting out find out pretty quickly if it’s the right sport for them. It takes a very dedicated athlete ...

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One Major Thing That Might be Harming Your Athletic Performance

There are a number of factors that determine how on top of your game you will be while at practice or in competition. Some days you will notice you feel pretty awesome - you’re sharp, quick, strong and you feel almost invincible. Others, you are the complete opposite - sluggish, mentally slow, and no drive ...

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How to Overcome Fear of Failure

I can't tell you how many times I've talked myself out of something or convinced myself I wasn't able to accomplish a certain goal. This is all chatter in my own head, and most of the time I listen to the negative, self-doubting side of it. Why do we do this? Great ideas and what could ...

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Nastia Liukin Balance Beam and Tumbling Mat Make Perfect Holiday Gift

Nastia Junior Balance Beam and Tumbling MatNastia Junior Balance Beam and Tumbling Mat

The 8′ Junior Balance Beam is meant to mimic a competition beam but on a smaller scale. It’s only 8 feet long which is small enough to fit in to any room but long enough for your gymnast to practice their leaps, handstands, jumps, back walkovers etc.

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You’re Not Good Enough to Be Disappointed

We are all guilty of this. For some reason, anything short of perfection for competitive athletes is unacceptable. Regardless of how long we have been doing our particular sport, we constantly have these ridiculously high expectations of ourselves and we beat ourselves up when we don't perform as we feel we should. This has always been ...

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Helping Gymnasts Overcome Mental Blocks

I remember back when I was training, I ran in to a major issue with a skill that I had already acquired and was performing well. It was a dismount off parallel bars that was fairly simple for me. One day during practice, I was just slightly off on it and hit the bar pretty ...

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How Can Athletes Maximize Their Motivation?

Do you love or despise the Grind?  According to Dr. Jim Taylor, the Grind is the point in your athletic training when things get tiring, painful and tedious. I struggled with this very thing as a gymnast. I got to a point where I realized my motivation was gone, and the grind had gotten the ...

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4 Things Every Cheerleader Should Be Doing

Those just starting off their cheerleading career often find themselves in a very challenging predicament. After teaching cheerleaders tumbling for over 7 years, I saw it way too often. These young aspiring athletes are typically thrust in to a beginning tumbling class, given a pat on the back, and told to go get that back ...

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Is Perfectionism Good for Gymnasts?


In my mind, those words gave me permission to do whatever I had to do to hit my routine. It was reassurance that my teammates weren’t expecting perfection from me, but that they were expecting to see me fight and scrap to hit my routine at all costs. It might be ugly, but I knew I was willing to give everything I had.

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