American Gymnast Opens New Location

American Gymnast NorthAmerican Gymnast North

American Gymnast has announced the opening of a brand new location based in Chesapeake, VA. The new office will operate as American Gymnast North and will be managed by Rick Walker, servicing customers throughout Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.

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Top Beliefs that Block Gymnasts’ Success


Gymnasts often have thoughts, feelings, ideas, attitudes, or ingrained ways of behaving that are self-defeating and can obstruct peak performance in competition. This article explains how to recognize and avoid those feelings.

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How to Perform with Trust in Competition


The ability for gymnasts to perform instinctively is critical to consistent execution in competition. The reason for practice is to provide a method you can trust when its time to compete. Dr. Patrick Cohn covers how to do this successfully in this article.

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2014 American Cup Gymnastics Equipment for Sale

2014 AT&T American Cup Gymnastics Equipment2014 AT&T American Cup Gymnastics Equipment

The 2014 AT&T American Cup will take place March 1, 2014 in Greensboro, NC where you’ll see some of the world’s top gymnasts competing on the very best AAI ELITE line of equipment and mats. Now you can take a piece of the action home with you! Check out our demo price list and contact American Gymnast at 1-877-789-2267 to purchase

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How to Stay Committed to Your Training


In this article, Dr. Patrick Cohn explains how to keep athletes committed to their training. He lays out 3 ways athletes sabotage their own commitment, and how to recognize these sabotages so the athlete can overcome them.

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Frame Bar vs. Quick Flex Bar for the TumblTrak


The Frame Bar and Quick Flex Bar are the most popular accessories to attach to your Tumbl Trak. But, how do you decide which one is best for your gym? The Frame Bar can be attached to any of the Tumbl Trak brand Tumbl Traks, while the Quick Flex Bar can not be attached to the In-ground Tumbl Trak or Porta Trak. Watch our product videos and read further descriptions below for more details on each of these essential Tumbl Trak accessories.

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6 Fears that Haunt Gymnasts


Are You (or your gymnasts) Afraid to Fail? More and more athletes I work with on the mental game come to me with fear of failure. Fear and fear of failure is a constant source of stress or anxiety that sabotages athletes’ mental game and performance. What Is Fear of Failure for Gymnasts? Read on to find out more

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How To Perform Well When You Feel Uncomfortable


Does your performance suffer when you’re not “on,” you feel uncomfortable, or don’t have your “A” game that day? Do you struggle with staying confident and grind out the competition even f your game is off or the competition is strong? Dr. Patrick Cohn gives you a great dose of mental training to overcome this and more in this article.

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2013 Gymnastics Gift Guide

2013 American Gymnast Holiday Gymnastics Gift Guide2013 American Gymnast Holiday Gymnastics Gift Guide

Welcome to your gymnastics gift guide for the 2013 holiday season – brought to you by American Gymnast. This video will give you some great ideas for the perfect gift for your little gymnast this holiday season. We overview 6 different categories of products, showing you our top sellers and significant differences between each of the products that you might be considering. Get the perfect gymnastics gift at

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Remember Artistry? Check It Out!

Jackie Bender beam

Randomly came across this. Cool stuff!  Thanks to Mostepanovafan for the montage - put together back in 2009. Notice, unfortunately, that no recent gymnasts are featured.  Today's routines are skill-skill-skill packed into the same time frame as the more artistic and innovative routines from years past.  I certainly don't mind seeing some of the more difficult skills ...

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