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Women’s World Team Battle – Some Key Routines For The Fourth Spot

Peyton Ernst floor pose

Most would agree that Simone Biles, Kyla Ross, and McKayla Maroney have all but locked up three of the four available spots on the U.S. women’s world championship team.  The fourth spot – should Martha Karolyi choose to use it – is certainly up for grabs and will be determined at the upcoming World Team ...

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Some Thoughts On Women’s Night One…Some Surprises in Store For Worlds?

Simone Biles floor pose

Looks like Biles' near meltdown at the U.S. Classic was a fluke after all – she looked absolutely solid and confident on night one.  Taking a little difficulty out of beam proved to be a great idea (easier acro series) – I would have never predicted she’d score a 9.2 in execution on beam and ...

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Maroney and Ross Shine At U.S. Classic…Full Thoughts On The Meet!

Ross and Maroney

Kyla Ross looked very good and did deserve the title, despite not having a whole lot of competition (not to diminish Peyton Ernst’s outstanding performance).   Kyla’s beam was solid but certainly not spectacular, and would certainly benefit from some upgrading and perhaps a little creativity.  I’m never a fan of using a simply back handspring layout ...

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Kyla Ross Full Beam Routine In Podium Training

Kyla Ross beam

This was just put up today. She’s now added the wolf jump after the punch front, which she does very, very well and which now gives her 0.1 in connection under the 2013 code of points. I do think that overall this routine is a little choppier than the one she competed last year – lots of ...

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Simone Biles’ New Skill – Check Out Who Performed This Eight Years Ago! And Some Pre-Meet Thoughts On The U.S. Classic

Biles leap

Simone Biles turned a lot of heads in yesterday’s podium training for the Secret U.S. Classic with her incredible double layout with a half turn – not to be confused with a laid out double Arabian, in which the half turn occurs early in the skill and is supposed to show a laid out double ...

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Back In The Game…Five Things To Look Forward To In The Coming Months!


It’s time to get back in the game!   It’s funny – after following the world’s best gymnasts so closely for four years (or more), analyzing their every move, writing about them several times per week, becoming fully invested in the emotional Olympic selection process, and then traveling to the Olympic Games in London to experience the ...

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A Week Later…Did The U.S. Selection Committees Get It Right?

sacramone disappointed

It’s now been just over a week since our five-member U.S. Olympic teams were finally named at the Trials in San Jose.  I’m playing a bit of catch up this week and wanted to post my thoughts on the teams that ended up being selected.   I think the Men’s Selection Committee was spot on.  The five ...

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Women’s Prelim Wrap-Up…And My Current Five Olympians!

Maroney floor pose

Two of the biggest question marks from the women’s competition are whether the falls from Kyla Ross (vault) and McKayla Maroney (bars and beam) will affect their Olympic chances.  The four-for-four performances from Wieber, Douglas, and Raisman simply secured these three even more firmly onto this team, but Ross and Maroney are slightly more tenuous.   Although ...

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Could Finnegan Score The First 16 On Beam This Quadrennium?

Finnegan beam pose

To my knowledge, no gymnast has scored a 16 on beam since the 2008 Olympics – partly due to the fact that the number of “counting” elements for the women was reduced from 10 down to 8 after Beijing.  With two fewer skills to add points to the difficulty scores, it’s obviously harder to score ...

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The Elephant In The Room…Should Nastia Have Made Trials? And Other Competition Notes…

elephant in room

It turned out to be a nail-biter right to the end, and for a few seconds I really thought that Gabby Douglas might overtake the defending champion Jordyn Wieber on that last bar routine.  It was definitely one of the very best ones we’ve seen from Gabby – she connected the full spin to elgrip ...

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