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The Spider

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The Superhero series is a more comprehensive setup of obstacle courses designed for facilities who want to start their Ninja Program off with a full range of training options.

“The Spider” is a superhero with some very desirable abilities. The spider has been seen swinging from building to building with effortless grace. The course we designed for “The Spider” focuses on a lot of upper body strength and full body swinging motions to a release move and re-grasp. We’ve also provided hanging transitions over our typical transition blocks to allow some of your more ambitious ninjas to start to flow direct in to another obstacle without coming to a rest on the block. This allows your ninjas to keep a constant motion, focusing on that full body coordination, transitioning between a variety of hanging obstacles. This course also features a unique, narrow center aisle resembling a small alley between two buildings where the ninjas get to experience a true spider climb to a bouncing leap to a bar grab! This course was designed for a mid level ninja in the 10yr + age. The Spider is packed with obstacle and includes:

U Rope Bridge – 3

Rings and Hooks – 3

10 x 10 Cargo Nets – 2

Traverse Box – 1

Swing Bars – 3

Transition Ropes – 3.5ft – 4

Spider Wall

Tilting Frames – 2

Tilting Ladders – 2

Unstable Rings and Pipes

Side attachment Boulder Wall

Transition Cannon Ball – 2

Obstacle Mount Crossbars – 20

Slated Steps – 4

10ft Warped Wall – 1

**Mats, padding, mini tramps and transition blocks sold Separately 

**Graphics are for marketing purposes only

**Frame and obstacle colors may be changed at no additional charge



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