Summer break has flown by and kids all around the country are getting ready for the back-to-school and gym season!  As we enter August, I want to give you 3 great reasons it’s time to buy your gymnastics equipment this month from American Gymnast:

1.  15% Off TumblTrak Items!

We have 15% off all items by TumblTrak found in our online store.  For gym owners, that means it’s a great time to buy the TumblTrak you’ve been considering.  For Mom and Dad looking for that perfect home gymnastics bar for little Katie, now’s the time to get the Junior Kip Bar or Junior Bar Pro.  All of these items (along with lots more) will be at the cheapest price of the year through August 31st only!

2.  AAI Price Increase Coming September 1st!

In order to keep pace with increases in costs of raw materials and other rising costs of production, there will be another price increase in most all of the AAI product line.  Gym owners and coaches have surely seen (and hopefully considered purchasing) some of the new products that have been released over the last several months, including the Premier & Junior Vault Trampolines, the Non-Cabled Adjustable Single Bar Trainer, the Suede Padded Beam Mat and the Floor Exercise Corner Border System.  These products, along with the new “Soft” E Graphite Rails that will be used in J.O. girl’s competitions this year, are sure to be hot sellers this month before the price rise Sept 1st.

3.  It’s Back to Gym Season!

Parents and kids are coming back from vacation and getting ready for school.  For gym owners, that means enrollments (and tuition payments!) are picking back up as kids are coming back for classes and the upcoming competition season.  It’s time to check all your gymnastics equipment and mats, including spin locks, cable tighteners, floor anchors and chalk to make those last minute updates.

For parents, it’s time to make sure your little gymnasts have all their grips (and a back-up pair!), wristbands, tape, bags and accessories they need for the upcoming season.  The meets will start coming at rapid pace soon, so avoid paying high expedited shipping costs by getting what you need now.  And, if you’re one of those that likes to plan ahead and save some big money on presents for the upcoming holidays, then go ahead and get some of your big gymnastics Christmas shopping done before our prices go up September 1st.

There you have it … 3 great reasons to purchase your gymnastics equipment in August!

As always, we appreciate your business and American Gymnast is proud to be the number one online source for gymnastics equipment, supplies and insight into the sport.