American Gymnast is excited to announce its new Strength and Fitness concept at, featuring an entire product line for general fitness, weightlifting, gymnastics and bodyweight strength training. From it’s inception, American Gymnast has been an industry leader in promoting gymnastics exercises and products that utilize bodyweight for strength development and emphasize core conditioning. In case you need any workout or running equipment, please visit .

“Our very first proprietary product offering back in 2001 was the American Gymnast Parallettes and accompanying Parallette Training Guide which really grabbed the attention of the emerging CrossFit industry at that time,” said American Gymnast owner Jay Thornton. “Since then, we developed the GymABstics Strength DVD series and offered several other fitness related products, and found that our rapidly growing clientele of strength and fitness customers were wanting more. We’re excited to be able to offer and support a much broader range of customer needs now,” added Thornton.

Anchoring the mix of strength and fitness offerings will be RAGE®, one of the most recognizable brands now in strength and conditioning. Known for their quality and durability, the RAGE® line includes the popular RAGE® cages, as well as an assortment of kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls, pull up systems, push/pull sleds, speed and agility products, plyometric products, several varieties of weights, sports medicine products and apparel. With the addition of the new strength and fitness line alongside the current gymnastics and cheer products, American Gymnast can now outfit customers of all sizes, whether it’s an entire CrossFit box or a single customer needing fitness products for the home. Enjoy this short overview of the RAGE Fitness Products:

Helping to expand American Gymnast into the strength and fitness markets is former gymnast Brad Thornton (brother of owner and former World Gymnastics Team Member, Jay Thornton). Brad was a competitive gymnast for 10 years and was a collegiate tumbler on the nationally ranked Georgia Tech Cheerleading competition team. Throughout college he was also employed as a tumbling and strength coach for young cheerleaders. Since then, he has been heavily involved in fitness with gymnastics-focused training, triathlons, and cycling.


The new strength and fitness line offered by American Gymnast can be found at For questions, or more information about the products please contact Brad Thornton at or call 1-877-789-2267.

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