You’re likely watching this video because you trying to find your gymnast the Best Gymnastics Beams for Home Use.

The choices of balance beams on the internet can be overwhelming, so I made this video to explain why you only need to look at 3 different types of beams for home use.  This video will help you decide which gymnastics beam is best suited for your gymnast as well as your budget. Plus, at American Gymnast, we only focus on providing the highest quality and safest beams on the market, so you can shop with confidence when buying from AG.

There are basically 3 different styles of Balance Beams designed for Home Use:

•    Beginner Balance Beams
•    Junior Balance Beams
•    Training Balance Beams

American Gymnast offers 2 Foam Balance Beams that are considered Beginner Balance Beams. These two beams are identical except that one is grey and the other is pink and bears Olympic Champion, Nastia Liukin’s signature screen-printed on the surface. As the name suggests, these beams are made out of a firm polyethylene foam.  The top surface is 4” wide, and then tapers out to a base that is approximately 6” wide to provide stability.  The thickness of the foam is 2” and is firm enough for the gymnast to walk across and perform basic tumbling and dance skills and leaps.

The Junior Balance Beams are a step up from the Beginner Beams in that these beams are manufactured with a wood core as opposed to foam.  They are covered with a padded suede, exactly like what you find on competitive balance beams.  The working surface of these beams is also 4” wide and the top of the beam is approximately 5-1/2” off the ground.  You’ll also notice that these beams have 3 support legs underneath, making them much more stable and durable than other brands that you will find on the market. You can choose from 2 different lengths of Junior Balance Beams – the 8’ length and the 10’ length.  It is important to realize that the 8’ beam can ship via Fedex for around $35-$45 dollars anywhere in the continental US.  However, the 10’ Junior Beam is too long to ship via FedEx or UPS, so it must ship via a trucking company.  This will typically cost about $140 – $160 depending on where in the US you live.

Training Balance Beams are the last type of balance beams American Gymnast sells for home use.  The AG Low Padded Balance Beam, which is 12’ long, 12” high to the top of the beam, and is manufactured with a steel core, is the most durable of our Home Use Balance Beams.  This beam would be best suited for girls that are already competing and want a solid balance beam that can accommodate all of their leaps and tumbling and dance skills.  This beam also must ship motor freight, but is generally pretty reasonable to ship for around $150 – $200 depending on where you live in the US.

Of course, occasionally we have customers that want a full-length 16-1/2’ long competitive style balance beam for home use.  And yes, we sell those too … but we have them listed here, since it is usually coaches or gym owners that are purchasing those.

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Jay Thornton
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