Training for Ninja can be fun, exciting and grueling. For extreme athlete, Venn Johns, it’s all about challenging himself and pushing himself to his absolute limit. We consulted with Venn last year about his big dreams for opening his Ninja facility. Venn was not short on ideas for all of the fun things he wanted to be able to provide his customers. In addition to providing a great environment for his customers, Venn needed to be able to also do some serious training in this facility. He had already competed on American Ninja Warrior and had goals to get on the show again and improve his performance. So, it was important for him to have equipment that was sturdy and could withstand a high level, bulky athlete doing some crazy skills. So, keeping this blend in mind, we got to work on a design for Venn and ultimately helped him get his facility up and running with a beautiful course with challenging and fun obstacles. Here is a shot of the finished design:

Course Design for BA Ninja

From time to time, Venn will send us updates on things and will also share some awesome videos of himself doing some super cool skills on our rig. I decided it was time for others to see what he was up to. Keep in mind, I DO NOT recommend some of the things you see Venn do in this video. This is merely for entertainment purposes. You will also see the importance of proper matting as Venn has a few wipeouts that had nice soft landings. Enjoy!

Venn showing off some skills on the Katana Frame by agNinja

Train Safe!

Brad Thornton