Former National Team Coordinator, Ron Brant, has teamed up with current National Team Coordinator Kevin Mazieka to develop a sports assessment app for the iPad called Chicken Dinner.  I’ve been using it for the last couple of weeks and have been super impressed with the level of sophistication this app offers coaches.  The app allows a coach to track the progress of their athlete through the use of a video timeline that records and graphically displays a score that the coach assigns to each clip.  Here’s a YouTube video that demonstrates the app:

The app currently has settings to track men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics, tennis, soccer and freestyle wrestling.  I’m sure they probably have plans for more coming down the pipeline.  For each sport, the coach can track the progress of skills that are categorized into a wide range of areas specific for that sport. For example, for women’s gymnastics coaches you can choose from: Element Groups I-V, Compulsory Levels 4-7, and execution for each of the 4 apparatus as well as more general performance areas such as conditioning, nutrition, health/injury, mental toughness, mental focus, work ethic, and lifestyle.  The app gives you the ability to track multiple athletes.

For any coach looking to develop athletes to the highest level, this app is a must-have, and for $4.99 in Apple’s app store, I see it as a complete no-brainer purchase.  If that’s not reason enough, then Ron was kind enough to provide me with coupon codes to give away to 3 coaches.  If you’re interested, just leave a message on our Facebook page and include your gym name and what levels you coach.  I’ll give coupons to the first 3 coaches that post.