More amazing UCLA floor routines…

You may have read one of my recent posts regarding the fact that women’s college gymnastics floor routines are so much more entertaining and even “artistic” than international elite routines, which often tend to be rather stoic, boring, and simply uninspiring. Some of UCLA’s floor routines from their competition against Utah this past weekend were no exception.

See if you agree that this routine from 2008 Canadian Olympian Elise Hopfner-Hibbs – now a sophomore at UCLA – is possibly one of the best choreographed and performed floor routines EVER!

Elise Hopfner-Hibbs Floor 2010 UCLA vs. Utah

I can honestly say I had no idea this gymnast had that dance ability and overall performance ability in her.  I also don’t think I’ve EVER seen a gymnast feel her music so well and be able to coordinate her movements so perfectly with it.

For an interesting comparison, let’s take a look at Elise’s floor routine from the 2008 Olympic Games:

Elise Hopfner-Hibbs Floor 2008 Olympics

Is that the same gymnast??!!  You can see hints of dance potential in this floor routine, but she isn’t really USING her artistic abilities at all here.  Like most elite floor routines, this one is mostly just a series of poses and arm waves in between tumbling passes.  What a waste!  It’s absolutely amazing what a completely different athlete comes through in her performance above.

The other routine I enjoyed most from this weekend’s meet was this one from Brittany McCullough:

Brittany McCullough Floor 2010 UCLA vs. Utah

Brilliant!  Is Valerie Kondos choreographing all of these??  If so, USA Gymnastics needs to hire her to choreograph our national team girls’ routines…and help pick out their music.