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Aura Training Pod and 4’x8’x1.5″ Tumbling Mat Bundle

$ 1,421.90 $ 1,370.00

The perfect holiday gymnastics gift package for a male gymnast.  You get a free “Can’t Get it Wrong” Gymnastics Poster included with the purchase of this Aura Training Pod and 4’x8’x1.5″ Royal and Green Tumbling Mat product bundle.

Aura Training Pod

Aura Training Pod

$ 425.00

4' x 8’ x 1.5" Royal and Green Tumbling Mat

$ 260.00

Can't Get it Wrong Motivational - 24" X 36" Gymnastics Poster

Can't Get it Wrong Motivational - 24" X 36" Gymnastics Poster

$ 25.95 $ 0.00


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Aura Training Pod

The new Aura Pommel Horse Training Pod uses a leather-like covering for the top that most closely resembles the surface of the AAI competition pommel horse when compared to all other Training Pods on the market.  The padded vinyl surface is ideal for gymnasts developing skills on pommel horse.  Gymnasts will begin learning circles on this piece of equipment and will continue to use it throughout their entire career to perfect extension in their circles, spindles, flairs, russians and more.

Forgiving on the wrists, durable, and a superb grip, the Aura is sure to make pommel horse your new favorite event!

  • The leather-like cover is the same as the cover used on the new Pommel Buck
  • Top is 25″ (635 mm) in diameter and 18″ (457 mm) in height
  • Removable top is marked with an “X” for proper hand placement

4’x8’x1.5″ Royal and Green Tumbling Mat

Our 1-1/2″ thick Standard Tumbling Mats are designed for all skill levels of activities requiring floor protection such as gymnastics, tumbling, martial arts, cheerleading, exercising, and general physical education. Softness and shock absorption make this series an excellent multi-purpose, primary skills mat. Mats are lightweight and fold into 2′ wide stacks for easy handling, storage, and transporting to off-premise activities. Mats have Velcro® brand fasteners on the short ends.

The mat cover is 18 oz knife-coated vinyl fabric.  The combination of higher internal reinforcing weave and heavier vinyl coating gives superior resistance to punctures, tears, wear, and gives superior stitch strength. The 18 oz. weight is highly recommended for high activity commercial applications.  The 18 oz. is the same weight vinyl used in our rugged competition and training mats.

American Gymnast Tumbling Mats have been tested and rated as compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

To be within regulations of the CPSIA, vinyl mats must not contain levels of phthalates that exceed specific thresholds.  The vinyl must be tested by certified laboratories to ensure that it is compliant.

Vinyl gymnastics mats that have not been tested and rated as compliant must state that their products contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Before buying vinyl gymnastics mats anywhere else, be sure you ask if they have been tested and rated as compliant with CPSIA.

“Can’t Get it Wrong” Motivational 24″x36″ Gymnastics Poster

FREE (a $25 Value) when purchasing this bundle

Get inspired with one of our popular Motivational Monday Images, now available as a high quality vinyl poster. These are ideal for the bedroom wall of your young athlete or hung high in your gymnastics facility, reminding your gymnasts to stay motivated and excited about their sport. The photo is professional quality and printed on vinyl.





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