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Backyard Gymnastics Trampoline


This Backyard Gymnastics Trampoline is for those looking for a high quality trampoline for home use.  It is available in 2 different sizes, and comes with a high quality black polypropylene bed and 9″ jumbo springs.

The design of the frame on our backyard trampoline makes it able to be used in-ground, giving a safe ground-level bouncing surface.  If putting in-ground, we recommend the hole be 30″ deep for this unit, leaving it above the ground by a few inches.  The Backyard Trampoline is 36” tall.  If you need the hole to be deeper you can block the legs up and dig the center out more.

Leaving the unit up a few inches will allow air to escape from under the trampoline, which will allow for a better bounce. With this unit having the V out side rails, leaving it above grade makes it so you will not have to conform the hole to the trampoline’s shape. It also allows you to attach the pads easier and you can use a cover. We recommend using the leg fillers on this unit when it is put in a pit.

If putting this unit outdoors we suggest you contact a landscape contractor to make sure you have proper drainage and wall support for your soil type.


Pit Sizes for BackYard Trampoline

  • 6’ x 12’ Bed Size = 8’6” x 14’6” x 30”deep Pit Size
  • 7’ x 14’ Bed Size = 9’6” x 16’6” x 30” deep Pit Size

6’ x 12’ Backyard Trampoline

  • 72 Square Feet Jumping Surface
  • Frame Size – 9’3”x14’3”
  • 36” High
  • Bed Size – 6’x12’
  • Spring Count – 96

7’ x 14’ Backyard Trampoline

  • 98 Square Feet Jumping Surface
  • Frame Size – 10’3”x16’3”
  • 36” High
  • Bed Size – 7’x14’
  • Spring Count – 108


  • Black woven polypropylene, fabric which is designed for outdoor and indoor longevity.
  • Spring attachments on beds have a polypropylene double webbed configuration for added strength.
  • Ultraviolet polyester thread is used for all stitching, increasing outdoor life.
  • The stitching has a webbing sunscreen for added life.


  • All units come complete with full pads, which cover the frame and springs.
  • Pads are 1” thick cross linked polyethylene, closed cell foam that resists moisture absorption.
  • Impact absorbing pads cushion against shock and spring back into shape.
  • Pads are manufactured with California prop. 65 compliant 18oz. vinyl.
  • Bungee cord attachments secure pads firmly to the frame and allow the pads to be reversible.
  • For safety our standard trampoline pads do not cover the corners. There are no springs in the corners to support the pads, if covered and a jumper steps on that point, the jumper could fall through. 


  • Corner pads wrap around the corner radius for added protection
  • Easy Velcro attachment


  • The 8 piece sleeve construction frame makes it easy to transport, assemble, disassemble, and store.
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