• 40% lighter frame allows for easy set-up
  • New tubular design for added strength
  • Reflex Spring-loaded swivel assembly to help reduce the impact on the gymnasts shoulders and back
  • Dual adjustments, at Reflex swivel, and at foot for fine adjustment
  • 3/8” Cable system used for improved stability and performance
  • Heavy webbing straps have a leather insert to reduce wear on the rings for a secure grip
  • Adjustment from 280-295 cm for taller gymnasts when needed
  • Sturdy ¾” floor swivel anchors to ensure direct line connections
  • Can be used with AAI®’s Freestanding System
  • Attachment points for a spotting rig

407-911 EVO-Elite™ Adjustable Rings
407-917 EVO-Elite™ Fixed Rings