Discover what the nation has learned…these are the finest tumbling springs available.



  • From hard-hitting elite athletes to lightweight-recreational gymnasts,
    Palmer Power Springs provide a very lively bounce.
  • We supply the springs, you assemble the floor; and SAVE MONEY!
  • Excellent applications for cheerleading, martial arts, and aerobics.
  • The patented spring design minimizes board breakage.
  • Springs will not fatigue, set, or twist out of position.
  • Custom-size floors.
  • UNBEATABLE in terms of price-to quality!


Durable oil-tempered 2″ x 4″ spring with patented plastic retainer caps are resilent enough for gymnasts of all sizes and abilities.  Retainer caps and hardware included.  Springs are attached to the bottom/base layer of plywood using the T-Nut, machine screw, and I/E lock washer included in each spring kit. Once the bottom panels are assembled and in final position, the top layer of plywood is layed down so that each joint in the base layer is overlapped. Finally, the top layer is fastened to the bottom layer using drywall screws.  We typically recommend using 2 layers of 1/2″ BCX plywood to contruct the floor.  1935 springs in a 42′ x 42′ kit.


Each Spring Assembly Contains:


  • 4″ Coil Spring
  • Top Mounting Cap
  • Bottom Mounting Cap
  • T-Nut
  • Machine Screw
  • I/E Lock Washer
  • Diagram for floor assembly



Choose your own custom design or popular configurations of 42′ x 42′ (gymnastics) or 42′ x 54′ (cheer)