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RAGE R2 Training Rope is the perfect rope for a wide range of activities and fitness levels. Similar to the RAGE R1 Speed Rope, this rope also comes equipped with an adjustable cord. The patented speed-bearing handle provides frictionless handling as well as enhancing accuracy. Made in the USA. 

Adjusting the Rage R2 Training Rope:

  • Remove black vinyl cap from PVC cord.
  • Unscrew silver collar with pliers.
  • Cut PCV cord to desired length at a 45 degree angle.
  • Use pliers to screw collar a 1/4″ back on the PVC cord.
  • Put black vinyl end cap back onto PVC cord.

How to Size Your Rope:

  • Hold rope handles upright while placing both feet side by side while standing on the middle of the rope.
  • General rule for length is to have the end of the handles reach your arm pits.
  • Adjust length of rope until handles reach this point.
  • For advanced athletes or as your technique advances, you will have to shorten your rope.

Our Pink Ribbon RAGE products are made to inspire women and men to lead healthy lifestyles and join in the fight against Breast Cancer. A portion of every Pink Ribbon RAGE purchase will be donated to fund cancer research.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 10 × 1 in


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