Here’s another video about Gymnastics Grips.  American Gymnast puts the Reisport Elite Protec Uneven Bar Dowel Grips in a category of their own because they are a little different than the other types of grips.  These Protec Gymnastics Grips actually have a palm that is made up of 2 pieces of leather with a Kevlar bond sandwiched in-between.  Because of this chemical bond, the grips are stronger than some other styles and they don’t stretch as much as normal grips.  Since they stretch less than other dowel grips, it can take a little bit of time to get used to the way that they feel.  We generally recommend this style of grips to higher level optional girls (Levels 9, 10 & Elite) that are breaking other styles of grips more frequently than they should.  We sell a lot of the Protec grips to women’s collegiate gymnastics teams.

When choosing the appropriate size in this style of women’s uneven bar grips, measure from the base of the palm (where the wrist and palm meet) to the tip of the middle finger.  Then reference the sizing guide for these grips, which you’ll find in the description area of the grips on our web site at the link above.  Sometimes gymnasts find that when wearing the Protec style of grips, they may actually have to go with one size larger than they typically wear because these grips stretch less than other grips on the market.