We’ve been selling these Gymnastics Straps for many years, but I didn’t realize they weren’t listed for sale on our web site.  (Credit goes to GymnasticsCoaching.com for blogging about Coach Nick Blanton’s video, which is what brought it to my attention.)  Coach Nick does a great job in the video below showing exactly how you can use these straps in numerous ways around the gym.

Gymnastics Straps are used for a variety of training purposes around the gym.  Traditionally used to teach giant swings for girls and guys on uneven bars and high bar, they can also be used to teach swings on rings, assist in strength training and reinforce proper technique during tumbling.

Personally, I grew up learning giants in straps (forward, backward and inverts), as well as tap swings for dismounts, kovacs, and Gaylord II’s.  They were vital in allowing me to get numerous repetitions of the proper tap swing on the bar without wearing out my hands.

Watch the following video from Coach Nick for more great gymnastics training ideas using these straps.

Product Information:

Straps are sold in a group of eight pair of different sized straps, color coded to the size. Your gymnast will find the size they need quickly and be swinging gymnastics Giants in no time. Swing hard knowing that you will not rip off the bar. Must be used with PVC tube on gymnastics Steel High Bar and are not to be used on a women’s uneven bar. Used to train gymnastics over grip, under grip and eagle grip giants. Requires wrist bands underneath bar straps. Includes instructions.

  • Tan-11.25″
  • Red-11.5″
  • Black-11.75″
  • White-12″
  • Navy-12.25″
  • Fuchsia-12.5″
  • Royal-12.75″
  • Green-13″

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Jay Thornton

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