We all love to read the predictions that flood the internet these days about what will happen at this year’s World Championships.  Everyone has their own opinion about which team will win, who will win the all-around, what will be the top stories to follow, and so on.  After being involved in gymnastics for almost 30 years now, I figured I’m about as qualified as anyone to throw out my prediction too.  So, here goes my prediction  …

When the gymnasts at this year’s World Championships step out on the floor to compete on one of the largest stages in the world, showcasing routines that they have trained for countless hours, hoping and praying that the life-long sacrifices they have made physically, mentally and emotionally will all pay off … I predict that Team USA will once again demonstrate the relentless American spirit that is at the very heart of what makes our country the greatest in the world.  I predict that Team USA will overcome adversity and will fight through every routine until the very end of the competition.  I predict that whether you are a participant on the arena floor, a spectator in the stands, a raving fan at home, or even the casual observer that just happens to catch a glimpse of the action, you will be able to feel the intensity of those American Gymnasts, you will appreciate their passion and desire to win, and you will witness rays of red, white and blue shining out of each and every one of them as they scrap for every tenth.

That American spirit is what has won us medals in the past.  That American spirit is what will win us medals again this year.  How many medals will we win?  I have no idea … but I do know that when an American Gymnast competes at the World Championships, they come to understand what it really means to represent the United States of America.  And once they understand that, the medals are already won.

American Gymnast Gold Medal Giveaway

Yes … I do predict that USA will win some medals.  And to make it just a little bit more exciting, American Gymnast is going to give away a Discount Certificate to our online store every time Team USA wins a medal at the 2010 World Championships!  For every medal Team USA wins, we will randomly select one of our Facebook fans to receive:

  • Bronze Medal = $25 Discount Certificate
  • Silver Medal = $50 Discount Certificate
  • Gold Medal = $100 Discount Certificate

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Jay Thornton