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Is Your Gym Pro-Shop more trouble than it’s worth?

Did You Know That …

47.1% of Gym-Owners and Coaches we surveyed do not even have a Pro-Shop in their gyms.

Of those that do ….

23.5% say their Pro-Shop is more hassle than it’s worth…


Only 14.1% say their Pro-Shop provides significant revenue to their business

What if there was a better way?

A better way to …

  • Provide the top-selling AND most profitable items in your Pro-Shop
  • Offer the products your customers need and are looking for right now
  • “Kit” items together that both increase your customer’s value AND your profits

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“Through American Gymnast, I have been running my own online “Super Pro-Shop” for over 10 years now.  During that time, I’ve learned a lot about which items are hot and in demand, which items are profitable, and which items just aren’t worth dealing with.  I’ve also learned a great deal from interacting with hundreds of customers each week and finding out what drives them to our store, what they’re looking for, and what motivates them to actually make the purchase.  I put this report together to provide Gym Owners a short-cut to success when it comes to their gym’s pro-shop.”

– Jay Thornton

American Gymnast