One of the most fun obstacles added to the AG Ninja arsenal not only brings excitement in it’s functionality, but it’s also beautifully crafted with a lot of attention put in to the design.  Outside of creating obstacles that are safe and professionally engineered, we really want to focus on designing items that look great. Doublin’ Up  does not disappoint!

Combining two of our more popular obstacles, the Flying squirrel and the Flying Rings, this element allows the athletes to get HUGE air while swinging from one to the next. We also designed it so the athlete can swing on 1 arm if they choose to do so.  In a structured obstacle training environment, DU can be used for a massive age range in that it’s great for training taps/correct swing and release techniques etc.

When used in a course running environment, this would be considered a high level obstacle for very experienced athletes

email with any questions

***Crossbars and Rings are not included 

***Priced per obstacle