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Since 1999, American Gymnast has been providing top-of-the-line gymnastics, cheerleading, and fitness products, as well as gym design services, installation, repairs, delivery, and setup of equipment for competitions. Leveraging the experience and knowledge of owner Jay Thornton, a former World Championship Team Member, AG strives for a constant pursuit of perfection in service, with a focus on integrity and customer priority.

American Gymnast is owned and operated by 
Jay Thornton

5 Reasons To Shop American Gymnast

Founded by World Championship team member, Jay Thornton, American Gymnast is recognized as a top provider of the highest quality gymnastics equipment, products and training information available today. Leveraging his experience and knowledge as an elite gymnast, Jay has taken his relentless pursuit of perfection into the business world with an absolute commitment to outstanding service and exceptional quality as he continues to support the growth and advancement of the sport of gymnastics.

What makes the difference?

1. Experience: Jay’s experience as a World Gymnastics Team Member provides a level of firsthand wisdom and insight about the industry that other gymnastics equipment retailers simply cannot provide.

2. One Stop Shopping: American Gymnast carries an increasingly broad selection of high-quality gymnastics equipment, mats, grips and wrist supports. While supporting the home market as well, american-gymnast.com provides top of the line gymnastics equipment that is perfect for your gym.

3. Website: Providing a superb online shopping experience, Jay is constantly driving an increase in the ease of use, increased functionality and overall value of the website, making it easier to make well-informed buying decisions.

4. Training: By providing access to gymnastics training videos and information from top elite gymnasts, the American Gymnast website not only supports the best buying decisions, but also provides keen insights into the sport.

5. Customer Confidence: Unlike other vendors who only know how to sell, American Gymnast customer support specialists (supervised by Jay himself) know gymnastics, and they will help you make the best possible decisions and will provide you with outstanding customer support, product information and order status.

Shop American Gymnast.  More than a name. It’s who we are.