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Arabian Double Tuck

The arabian double requires a strong thrust of the knees and hips up to the ceiling during the setup to create a fast rotating motion. Before attempting this powerful skill on the floor besides knowing the regular arabian tuck the gymnast must be familiar with double front progressions on the pit using spring board or minitramps. Bringing the knees up but failing to do the same with the hips produces a slower rotation.

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Arabian Double Tuck Front View

These are front views of arabian double fronts. There are some technical basic round off back handspring mistakes such as not keeping a straighter forward motion toward the round off, arms bent on the back handspring, and open cowboy tuck position on the arabian. Some other basics are fine and the tumbling speed and power are very good.

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Arabian Competition Examples

These are a fair couple of arabian double tuck competition examples. This gymnast shows great powerful action, but his tuck position can be improved. Again notice the great speed and the great quick rebounding back handspring with minimal feet ground support, though he has a little too much cowboy tuck during the somersault.

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Arabian Definition

An arabian can be defined as a somersault that begins backwards completes a half twist before the gymnast feet reach the vertical and then continues rotating forward. /On a layout half the 180 degree twist can still be incomplete through the vertical. The main difference then between a true arabian and a back somersault with a half twist is determined by the moment the half twist is accomplished.

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Arabian Drills

Before the gymnasts attempt arabian sommersaults they should learn to perform round off half turns to a handstand onto stacked mats. It is an excellent drill to master how to show a full body extension before rushing into the tuck position. After the drill to a handstand is understood fairly well the gymnasts can begin to add a roll to mimic the tuck position.

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Arabian Layouts

This is a nice arabian layout example. Notice how the twist is completed early. A twist after the vertical is a back lay out with a half. It belongs with the acrobatic element backwards and will not be considered part of the arabian element group IV like this example does.

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