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Arabian Drills

Before the gymnasts attempt arabian sommersaults they should learn to perform round off half turns to a handstand onto stacked mats. It is an excellent drill to master how to show a full body extension before rushing into the tuck position. After the drill to a handstand is understood fairly well the gymnasts can begin to add a roll to mimic the tuck position.

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Straps Endo Drills and Complete Endos

Begining with an undergrip during the front part of the swing the gymnast brings the legs to a deep pancake in which the body passes through the bottom and is kept during the swing up while the athlete initiates a strong straight arms pull to support. The support ends with a wrist shift while the legs move out of the pancake compression.

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Beginner backhandspring drills

Gymnasts starting to learn back handsprings can benefit from feeling the lean back action in a simpler way. Also getting familiar with hollow chest to open chest and shoulders and the legs push to open hips on a single tight arch body unit. This drill helps the athletes to train the lean back action several times in a row with a coach's assistance.

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