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Tuck Jump 1

As on the floor the tuck jump on the beam is described as bringing the knees horizontal or higher at peak height. Taking off and landing is performed with one foot slightly in front of the other. As the gymnasts get better they can kick out after reaching the peak height of the tuck.

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Side Jump to Split Mount

Here we include a few examples of an interesting beam mount with a C value in the international gymnastics federation difficulty ratings. The gymnast must strive to minimize wobbles during the split landing. Watch this final beautiful example of this side jump to split mount.

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Basic Standing Jump Dismounts at the End of Beam

Once the gymnast have learned how to perform some basic jumps on floor and have a good understanding of how to land safely, they may also practice basic dismounts. In the tuck jump, emphasis is placed on bringing the knees up close to the chest. For a pike jump, the gymnast brings the legs up close to a horizontal line. The goal is to show a deep pike at peak height. The straddle jump dismount must emphasize hip turn-out so at peak height the front part of the legs are facing up toward the ceiling.

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Prebackhandspring jump to mats

At the same time that gymnasts are learning limbers, cartwheels, round-offs and other basic skills, they can also begin learning to jump backwards onto a resi-mat. The arms can stay-up or swing-up with a shoulders-width to the ears side. The knees should be bent slightly to begin the jump. Make sure the gymnast does not squat too deep. The jump must show good flight with a long travel back.

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