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Incline Mat Reverse Hecht Drill

The reverse hecht is a complex skill where the gymnast swinging up on the back giant direction suddenly must be able to change this directional motion and release the bar flipping on the opposite direction. Any drill that can help an athlete to begin understanding and reverse it toward a front flipping action is enhancing the approach to eventually master this release.

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Reverse Hecht Timer to Pit

Although the gymnast demonstrating the drill has not mastered all its technical details correctly and is still showing too much pancake position, the final goal is to turn over forward the whole body in one single unit with the straddle legs moving backwards and closing without the gymnast getting stuck or exhibiting a very deep pancake.

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Layout Reverse Hecht

Besides the larger amount of power required to perform a layout reverse hecht compared to a piked reverse hecht, the main difference between both skills is given by the way the bar is cleared during the flying phase. A true layout hecht clears the bar in a straight or hollow position without exhibiting any obvious hip flex.

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The Carballo begins like an in-bar endo. After passing through the bottom with a full deep pike compression, the gymnast performs a strong pull to support. He releases the rail when the shoulders have moved up beyond the horizontal bar. During the flying phase, the athlete travels toward the vertical and performs a straddle cut. He then extends with the aim of grabbing the bar in an undergrip while the body is as close to a handstand as possible.

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Gaylord 2

For a Gaylord 2, on the last giant before the release instead of a tap over the the bar holding a hollow position, many gymnasts perform a tap, and with the body changing shapes, from the hollow candle stick to tight arch position before reaching the vertical line. One of the goals of this technique is to lift the bar rail up to produce stronger bar reactions while the gymnast also focuses on a powerful and clean sweeping through the bottom tap, and establishing visual contact with the bar.

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