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Reverse Hecht Timer to Pit

Although the gymnast demonstrating the drill has not mastered all its technical details correctly and is still showing too much pancake position, the final goal is to turn over forward the whole body in one single unit with the straddle legs moving backwards and closing without the gymnast getting stuck or exhibiting a very deep pancake.

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Free Hip Shaposnykova or Hindorf Timer

Before any athlete starts learning a Shaposnykova release to catch the upper rail, or a Hindorf, they must demonstrate a consistent ability to perform powerful free-hip handstands. Once they have proven they are capable, they can begin training this drill where the goal is to finish the free-hip with an open shoulder angle and the center of mass slightly beyond the vertical support.

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Yurchenko Half-on Timer

Before an athlete attempts any difficult yurchenko half-turn vault, they must master a consistent round-off half onto elevated mats. Observe in this back view how the half-turn is performed, anchoring the twist from the board. Take a final look at this back view of a yurchenko half-turn timer and notice how these type of skills require an early controlled twist without killing the turnover.

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