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Full and a Half Turn on Balance Beam

All of the turning skills on beam are performed in a fairly tall releve like on the floor. A proper full and a half turn finishes with the free leg stepping forward at the skill conclusion. Stepping back like in this example is a sign of the body's center of mass not being correctly placed very close to an imaginary line. The line runs from the center of the head to the body support on top of the turning foot.

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Slow Motion Kasamatsu Full and Full and a Half

Successful vaults come from mastering certain vaulting components along with personal power. These components are running, the hurdle, board contact, a first flying phase, table repulsion, and a second flying phase. Lack of power or poor technique in any of these vaulting components can result in costly mistakes.

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Yurchenko Full and a Half

All of the technical actions required to perform the successful yurchenko full become even more important to progress and perform the yurchenko full and a half. The gymnast should always have a straight round-off with a center of mass in front of support. The body should rotate in a tight arch instead of with a loose lower back.

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Yurchenko Double and a Half in Training

The gymnast performing these examples is still in the process of mastering this skill. As expected, he is not training this skill to a regular competition landing mat. Like in any other yurchenko vault, the hands contact the table with the gymnast in a tight arch and with the mid-section above the feet.

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Yurchenko Half-on Timer

Before an athlete attempts any difficult yurchenko half-turn vault, they must master a consistent round-off half onto elevated mats. Observe in this back view how the half-turn is performed, anchoring the twist from the board. Take a final look at this back view of a yurchenko half-turn timer and notice how these type of skills require an early controlled twist without killing the turnover.

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Yurchenko Half on Front Pike

For the yurchenko half-on the shoulders are moved from a blocking position in front of the feet to slightly behind the feet. The gymnast is performing an early twist and a quick half turn to get a good amount of air off the table. The gymnast contacts the table with the hands ahead of the shoulders.

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