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Back Handspring Double Full Dismount

To perform this combination the athlete must have mastered tumbling double fulls, beam back handspring to two feet landings, and progressively learn to connect the back handsprings to back tucks, and layouts to full twist dismounts. The gymnast must also develop an increased in speed and power while practicing those combinations.

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Round Off Double Back Dismount

Once the gymnast has mastered a good round off back tuck dismount, they can begin learning the round off double back dismount on the beam. All the regular tumbling techniques for creating a rebounding setup apply for the double back dismount. Training the dismount into a pit until it shows great technical consistency is crucial.

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Front Double Full Dismount

To reach this level of front dismounts, as with any other gymnastics activity, the gymnast must progress step by step from the easiest basic skills to the most difficult ones. In the case of front dismounts, they must develop increasing confidence and balance to be able to run across the beam and punch the dismount takeoff. Gymnasts must also get used to punching with one foot in front of the other, and first learn each dismount into a pit until the skill can be performed safely and consistently.

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Arabian Double Tuck

The arabian double requires a strong thrust of the knees and hips up to the ceiling during the setup to create a fast rotating motion. Before attempting this powerful skill on the floor besides knowing the regular arabian tuck the gymnast must be familiar with double front progressions on the pit using spring board or minitramps. Bringing the knees up but failing to do the same with the hips produces a slower rotation.

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Arabian Double Tuck Front View

These are front views of arabian double fronts. There are some technical basic round off back handspring mistakes such as not keeping a straighter forward motion toward the round off, arms bent on the back handspring, and open cowboy tuck position on the arabian. Some other basics are fine and the tumbling speed and power are very good.

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Yurchenko Double Full

Successfully adding more twists to yurchenkos in large part depends on the gymnast's focus. A skill this difficult is achieved by taking progressive steps. What the gymnast does before he is in the air plays a big role in the outcome of the skill. A good hurdle that moves up and forward along with a round-off that contacts the board with the center of mass in front of the feet is important.

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Yurchenko Double Full – Another Example

A large percentage of skills on the vault can be performed into the pit when training to minimize stress on the gymnast's joints. This is true for new skills and skills that are already known. Layout twisting is always more effective with a straight body line, the head neutral, and the arms close to the mid-section.

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Yurchenko Double and a Half in Training

The gymnast performing these examples is still in the process of mastering this skill. As expected, he is not training this skill to a regular competition landing mat. Like in any other yurchenko vault, the hands contact the table with the gymnast in a tight arch and with the mid-section above the feet.

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