Once the gymnast has mastered a good round off back tuck dismount, they can begin learning the round off double back dismount on the beam. All the regular tumbling techniques for creating a rebounding setup apply for the double back dismount. Training the dismount into a pit until it shows great technical consistency is crucial.

  • After clip to pit – Observe a few still frames of one of the previous dismount examples
  • Still 1 – The feet taking off the beam, one slightly in front of the other, and facing as square forward as possible.
  • Still 2 – Proper change from hollow to tight arch to initiate somersault rotation.
  • Still 3 – Knees and hips are snapped up toward the ceiling into a tuck position with a round back to increase rotational momentum.

If this gymnast could grab a little lower on her shins and pull a rounder and tighter tuck she can rotate faster and eliminate her cowboy position on the second somersault. Watch this gymnast’s dismount once more and study her strong and weak technical points.