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Fear of Falling - Keep Flying

Never Let the Fear of Falling Keep You from Flying

Never let the fear of falling keep you from FLYING!#MotivationalMonday Most times, failure is a much better teacher than success.  Gymnasts and coaches need to have the courage to try new skills (after going through the proper learning progressions) even when short-term failure is a high probability.  It’s part of the learning process.  When gymnasts […]

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Is Being a Creature of Habit Good for Athletes?

Over time, when it comes to our athletic training, we all tend to develop the mindset of, “this has always worked for me, so there’s no reason to change it.” Or, “I’m comfortable with what I’m doing and it seems to be getting the job done.” In the article below, by James Clear, you will […]

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Change Your Life With a Paper Clip

We all tell ourselves at some point that we are going to get in the habit of doing something consistently that is beneficial to our health, sport, fitness, career or life. It’s the same story for many people. We start our new habit with excitement and motivation and then slowly we start to fade, make a […]

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Tips to Reignite the Fire in Your Workouts

Outside of what I do with American Gymnast, I work in one of the most challenging industries when it comes to trying to stay in shape – the airline industry. I am a pilot, and like most pilots, my schedule can be rough at times. In a typical summer month I may spend 4 days on the […]

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Is it Normal to Dread Your Workout?

If you are involved in some form of athletics, whether it be gymnastics, crossfit, triathlons or even just working out, it’s quite possible you love the competition or results aspect (if we are speaking of just working out in the gym) of your sport and maybe have a love/hate relationship with the training aspect. If […]

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Throw Your Heart Over the Bar…

Self confidence plays a key role in the success of any athlete, especially gymnasts. Since gymnastics consists of high flying, often scary skills, it is so important to possess this vital attribute. Let’s face it, we’ve all had those little mishaps, falls or bad meets that rattled our self confidence and sent us spiraling in […]

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Life Changing Way to Handle Your Critics

One of the hardest things in being a young athlete today is dealing with the harsh criticisms of others. These days are especially challenging with the existence of social media which allows ones words to spread far in a matter of minutes. Athlete or not, we all have someone in our lives who for some […]

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Competition Day Meals: Don’t Over Think it

After many tireless months of practice, strength training and routine after routine, it’s time to get up on the big stage and and see what you’re made of. It’s meet season and everyone is making the final preparations to ensure they are able to put up their best performance each weekend. At this point, you’ve […]

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Can You Take the Heat in the Big Competitions?

Most of the best athletes in the world have not only developed superior physical skills in their sport, but more importantly, they have developed the ability to perform and display these skills in the most challenging and pressure filled situations. After all, what good will having elite level skills be if you aren’t able to […]

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Important Part of Training You May Not Be Doing

Here is some really good news for you! You are actually capable of performing perfectly every time! Do I have your attention? Great! Now I will finish that statement. You can perform perfectly every time…in your head. You might be thinking, “what are you talking about and why do I care about that?” Well, hear […]

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I Love Gymnastics, But There is That One Thing…

If you are in the sport of gymnastics, I’m going to assume you are sticking to it quite simply because you love it. Let’s face it, gymnastics is not for the faint of heart. Typically, those starting out find out pretty quickly if it’s the right sport for them. It takes a very dedicated athlete […]

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One Major Thing That Might be Harming Your Athletic Performance

There are a number of factors that determine how on top of your game you will be while at practice or in competition. Some days you will notice you feel pretty awesome – you’re sharp, quick, strong and you feel almost invincible. Others, you are the complete opposite – sluggish, mentally slow, and no drive […]

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