Imagine with all your mind,
believe with all your heart,
achieve with all your might.



When I was young, I’d play “make believe” and imagine I was a lot of different things … an astronaut, a fireman, President of the United States … and, an Olympian.  Our minds are so flexible and moldable when we are just kids; free of all the limitations and restrictions that we allow the world to place on us as we grow older.

Eventually, as I continued to imagine more and more about becoming an Olympian, that abstract concept turned into a belief that becoming an Olympian was something that was a real achievable goal.  It was something that I could plan for, something I could work for … and if all the cards fell in the right place on the right day, it was something that I could actually achieve.

Having the dream and believing in the dream are a big part of succeeding in your goals, but they are not all of it.  You have to do the work.  You have to set your course, create your plan and then execute the plan with all your might.  Life will throw countless obstacles and roadblocks at you during your journey, so you have to have the heart and drive to do whatever it takes to go around them, over them, under them, or just put your head down and go through them.

Even with all of that, there are no guarantees of success.  I fell just short (twice!) of becoming the Olympian I dreamed about becoming.  But, if you can look back and can say without a doubt that you gave it all your might and have no regrets, then you know that it was all worth it.  The journey will shape you and change you forever for the better.  It makes you resilient, focused, driven, relentless, organized … and more.  It makes you an Olympian of Life.

~ Jay Thornton
American Gymnast


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