Our 3D gym design services can be extremely beneficial in so many ways. Sometimes our clients already have a plan in place for a new facility but just need a way to show it off and market it. Or, the plan is there but the funding may not be. In order to really convey a vision to a group of investors, the use of 3D presentation is such a valuable tool. Virtually walking someone through a space elicits emotions and is much more likely to reel in an investor compared to presenting a 2D sketch.

That’s exactly the approach our recent clients took when trying to raise money for a Tumbling and Trampoline Center. They needed something powerful that would wow their viewers so they could raise the funds needed to get the project off the ground. They already had a 2D plan drawn up and now needed an exciting way to present it. They opted to go with our virtual walk through video to showcase their dream gym. So, we took the 2D plans and created a 3D rendering with some added touches to give it a life like appearance. From there, we create a virtual tour set to music to allow one to see and feel every inch of the space. This is how it turned out:

Whether you need a full conceptual design workup for a new build or need an equipment layout, pit or podium design, we can help you. Please contact us with any questions about the process.

Brad Thornton

Lead Designer