Salem Gymnastics just went from big to HUGE!! The American Gymnast team just finished up with the re-design of this world class expansion project and it is pretty incredible. Salem Gymnastics already had a very large training gym, but all of their programs are packed with athletes, so the desire to expand finally became a “we must expand!”

The idea with the facility expansion was to provide more separation between the competitive athletes and the recreational athletes. In addition, dedicating a new large foam block to their high level athletes was essential for efficient training. This new addition, which is added on to the end of the long gym, will also accommodate the competitive athletes with their own entry, creating a much better traffic flow in the building.

During the construction phase there will inevitably be some inconveniences to the current customers, so it was important for Salem to show their customers what the end result would be post-construction.  Therefore, our design team worked hard to provide a very detailed realistic rendering of the final product.

Hear Salem Gymnastics owner, Beth Morphis, explain the expansion plans …

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Brad Thornton