American Gymnast recently worked with Synergy Gymnastics in Malvern, PA. The plan was to provide a 3D gym design for top notch gymnastics training facility for recreational and competitive gymnastics. The design incorporated air bags for training purposes instead of loose foam pits, a trend that continues in the gymnastics world. Well, our friends at Synergy didn’t just want to tip toe in to the world of air bags, they were ALL in – 5 new bags, one being the largest one to land in a gymnastics facility!

Our installation was a unique one in that we had to pick up and move their current gym and take it to the new gym on Day 1. Days 2 – 7 included the installation of all old and new equipment. Our days were tough, with 10 – 12 hours of labor followed by the few hours of office work we tried to catch up on. After that, a few Advil and off to bed to start it all again the next morning. All the craziness was captured on some really cool drone footage -a week of fun crammed in to a 3 min video…check it out!

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Brad Thornton