We have done hundreds of Ninja projects all over the country, but none compare to the one we did for Cypress Ninja Academy. We have designed two full Ninja facilities for Cypress. The first facility was 5000 square feet with various levels of Ninja rig, accommodating ages 4 through adult. The second facility was a breathtaking 27,000 square feet of pure Ninja perfection. We created some of the most unique attractions in the world for this new Cypress facility, making it one of the best places in the county for top Ninjas to train as well as young Ninjas to learn. Owner, Aaron Basham talks about his experience with our team through the process….


The design process for this facility was a long one. When designing custom structures, you have to be spot on with their measurements and their placement in the gym. Working with Aaron is a great deal of fun because he takes pride in facility aesthetics. Branding and color schemes are very important to Aaron, so we have to make sure color combinations present well and logos are strategically positioned throughout the facility. Our designs don’t just provide an accurate map of the equipment layout, they are realistic glimpse at what the completed facility will look like. The design allows the owner to effectively market the new gym with a beautiful set of images and a fly through video.