American Gymnast recently popped over to Ozark, MO to knock out the installation of Summit Athletix cheer facility. We helped Summit throughout the design process to create the ideal equipment layout as well as a clean look of “Summit” red and black.

Once we wrapped up the design portion, we got some exciting new pieces of equipment in to production to prepare for an April install. Among those pieces of equipment was a new American AirTrack Factory AirBag. Owner, Lacy Emmert, chose to go with an airbag over foam block for a variety of reasons. First, Lacy is all about branding. She loves the ability to be able to create a unique and artistic look with the airbag top sheet. Secondly, Lacy wants a clean gym, so if you are going to do a pit, airbag trumps foam block in cleanliness all day. Lastly, Lacy was tired of hearing “hey, Abby is stuck upside down in the pit again. Can someone pull her out??” Throughput is key in a busy cheer facility and when you have an airbag it’s only going to take about 3 seconds to exit the pit. Imagine your athletes getting 3 times the number of tumbling runs in a 15 minute station. That’s productivity!

Summit’s new facility will host a number of programs including Cheer, rec gymnastics and Ninja. In addition to the airbag, athletes will train on 2 large custom sized spring floors, a 40ft tumbl trak, 40ft rod floor and a 7×14 in-ground trampoline. Parents will have a nice viewing mezzanine complete with a lounge and a coffee bar.

Check out a cool time lapse video of the installation >>>

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