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Narrow Dowel Gymnastics Grips for Girls

There are dozens of different styles of Uneven Bar Dowel Grips for girls.  If this is your gymnast's first pair of dowel grips, we typically recommend choosing grips that are narrow in the palm portion of the grip.  These grips are generally appropriate for younger girls that are just entering competitive level gymnastics.  The narrower palm allows the gymnast to maintain more contact between their hand and the bar, giving them a little better sense of security.

Though they are usually recommended for girls just starting out in dowel grips, there are a couple of styles of Narrow grips that are appropriate for older girls as well.  The AG Champion Grips (in buckle or velcro) and the Millenium 2 Dowel Grips both have palms that are slightly more tapered in the middle than regular width grips and are designed with a wrist cuff durable for the higher level gymnasts.  In fact, the 2008 Olympic Champion wore this style of gymnastics grips.

A young girl just starting out in dowel grips might start with a pair of AG Competitor grips her first few years and then transition to the AG Champion grips as she gets older.

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