Out with the old —(loose foam pit) and in with the new AIRBAG!!! What a delight it was for American Gymnast to help upgrade and complete this installation for the USAG Women’s National Team training in Indianapolis! Airbags are a CLEAN, SAFE and a beautiful asset for today’s gyms.  What a privilege it was to provide this product for these gymnasts as they start the year off training hard.  2020 showed us that we needed to start thinking of different ways to facilitate gyms, providing a safer and cleaner environment for gym owners and their athletes while giving parents a peace of mind as programs start up this year.  More than ever, athletes are longing to get back in the gym and do what they love and we at American Gymnast are doing our best to keep up with the latest and most innovative equipment so that dreams will continue to come true, champions will continue to be made, and lives will continue to be impacted by this amazing sport.

Airbags can be retrofitted into your old loose foam pit or we can work with you to design the perfect fitted airbag for new construction projects.  Additionally, we have portable above-ground airbags which are great for vaulting, tumbling and dismount training that can be easily moved around the gym and inflated in seconds.

One of the worst jobs in owning a gym is cleaning out the loose foam pit.  But by replacing your foam pit with this airbag, you will feel a lot better about the cleanliness of your pit — the satin top sheets are anti-microbial killing micro-organisms and stopping growth and the sheets can be easily removed and washed.  No more dirt and grime living in your pit!

We have more airbag installations scheduled this month to provide gyms and their athletes a healthy way to train and we are truly excited about helping many other gym owners get this product in their facility. For information on getting your airbag, go to https://www.american-gymnast.com/airbags-in-gymnastics/

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