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American Gymnast – Fueling the Flame

As we are approaching another Olympic year (only 363 days from today until the Opening Ceremonies in Rio!), I started thinking about all the gymnasts around our country training to [...]

Is Perfectionism Good for Gymnasts?

In my mind, those words gave me permission to do whatever I had to do to hit my routine. It was reassurance that my teammates weren't expecting perfection from me, but that they were expecting to see me fight and scrap to hit my routine at all costs. It might be ugly, but I knew I was willing to give everything I had.

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How To Keep High Confidence After Performing Poorly

Everyone can have a bad practice or competition from time to time. But, how do you regain your confidence and stop one bad meet from snowballing into a string of bad competitions. In this article, Dr. Patrick Cohn gives you examples and tips on how to keep your confidence high after a poor competition.

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6 Fears that Haunt Gymnasts

Are You (or your gymnasts) Afraid to Fail? More and more athletes I work with on the mental game come to me with fear of failure. Fear and fear of failure is a constant source of stress or anxiety that sabotages athletes' mental game and performance. What Is Fear of Failure for Gymnasts? Read on to find out more

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Gymnastics Coaches – Check out this iPad App

Former National Team Coordinator, Ron Brant, has teamed up with current National Team Coordinator Kevin Mazieka to develop a sports assessment app for the iPad. The app allows a coach to track the progress of their athlete through the use of a video timeline that records and graphically displays a score that the coach assigns to each clip.

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Get Gymnastics Coaching from Olympic Champ Paul Hamm

2004 Olympic All-Around Champ, Paul Hamm, is offering gymnastics coaching via online video to gymnasts around the world. Simply email Paul your video and he'll reply back with a detailed analysis of your skill.

Gymnastics on Demand Videos – FREE!

American Gymnast has offered Gymnastics on Demand as a subscription-based online video training system for coaches, gym owners, and gymnasts for the last several years. Today, I'm excited to announce that all of the videos in that system are being added to YouTube so that the entire gymnastics community can now view them for FREE! There are approximately 1200 videos that are currently being uploaded!

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