American Gymnast has offered Gymnastics on Demand as a subscription-based online video training system for coaches, gym owners, and gymnasts for the last several years.  Today, I’m excited to announce that all of the videos in that system are being added to YouTube so that the entire gymnastics community can now view them for FREE!  There are approximately 1200 videos that are currently being uploaded!

As you’ll see in the videos, Roberto Pumpido, was the coach and producer of all of these videos.  Unfortunately, Roberto left us all too soon when he passed away on December 8, 2008 after battling cancer.  Fortunately, Roberto’s tremendous amount of knowledge and passion for the sport of gymnastics can still be shared throughout the gymnastics community by way of these videos.

Just to illustrate the impact Roberto had on people, even those outside the sport of gymnastics, here is what one martial arts instructor had to say in a recent blog about what he learned from Roberto:

One of the most influential lessons I’ve ever learned as an educator was in 2008 during a coaching clinic given by Roberto Pumpido, Men’s Gymnastics Flexibility, Strength and Conditioning coach. Roberto passed away in 2008 to a battle with cancer, but gave tirelessly to all of us, and during one of his lessons in that clinic he stopped and turned to the surrounding coaches and thankfully expressed to us “Coaches, you must learn to create situations that inspire the athlete, to listen, to learn and therefore understand.” This was an incredible thing for me to have heard as I was right around the corner from a very competitive season and my students had not won first place or any of the meets in the previous year. Most of the teams we were up against were always 6 to 8 men strong. That year I took 17 boys to win most of the competitions and the state championships with the guidance of that very lesson.

No one has done it since. Thank you Roberto.
JSH – Martial Matrix

A portion of any YouTube advertising revenue generated from these videos will be donated directly to the Pumpido family by Roberto’s former business partner.  Current Gymnastics on Demand subscribers may continue to access the video player as normal through their account login free of charge until all of the videos have been posted on YouTube.  American Gymnast will be featuring the videos in an all-new Gymnastics on Demand section on our web site coming soon.