My Fitness Pal“My Fitness Pal”

One of the most powerful fitness websites I’ve ever been to – and it has a free iPhone application:

This past week my twin brother talked most of our family into joining this free site, as he has had much success with it.  He is a gym lover and makes sure that he does not even miss it one day of the week. He has been on the andarine dosage from the past few months and seeing him transform his body is now changing my mind about staying away from the gym. After being a part of it for just one week, I can say that it is already transforming my diet and my overall excitement for my health and fitness level.

Here are the features of this amazing site:

  • An incredible data base of foods/beverages with stored nutritional info
  • Data base of caloric expenditure of various types of exercise
  • Tracks your daily total caloric intake and caloric expenditure when entries are made
  • Calculates your net caloric intake for each day and what this means for your weight
  • Generates easy-to-read graphs of your net caloric intake and caloric expenditure
  • Includes a community network similar to Facebook
  • Shares your accomplishments with your friends for accountability and encouragement
  • Includes a BMI (body mass index) and BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculator
  • Includes an easy-to-use recipe nutrition calculator
  • A free application for your iPhone or iPad

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this site.  The ease of navigation, the extensiveness of its database of specific foods, the accuracy of its nutritional content, the easy-to-use additional tools, the fun networking feature, and the overall motivation this site provides with regards to health and fitness are all absolutely top notch.  I was astounded to discover that literally any food or beverage I consumed – from the specific type of burrito I ate at a particular Mexican restaurant, to the brand of bread I used on my sandwich, to the exact creamer I put in my coffee that morning – could be easily found with its search tool.  The way it personalizes your entire account – from your age, height, and weight, to your fitness goals, to your specific habits of eating and exercising, to your overall progress – is not only incredibly impressive; it’s incredibly motivating.  You’ll be amazed at just how much you’ll discover about yourself and your health habits, many of which you’ve probably had your whole life without really realizing it.  You’ll find so many small and simple changes you can make immediately that will totally transform your caloric intake, your weight, and your self image.

Here’s another link if you haven’t checked it out yet:

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