As we are approaching another Olympic year (only 363 days from today until the Opening Ceremonies in Rio!), I started thinking about all the gymnasts around our country training to make our U.S. Olympic Team.  These gymnasts put their heart and soul into our sport, sacrificing in countless ways all so they can have the chance to represent USA on that prestigious competition floor.

There’s nothing I get more passionate about than watching our USA Team competing at the Olympics.  And to think that American Gymnast could possibly have any small part in helping an athlete realize their life-long dream would be so fulfilling for me as a business owner.  I realize that I have an opportunity with American Gymnast to help fuel that flame inside these gymnasts.

So, we give birth this week to our new American Gymnast slogan … Fueling the Flame.

The “Flame” is the desire that burns within every athlete that is pushing themselves to the limit physically, mentally and emotionally to achieve at their highest level.

The mission of American Gymnast is to support these athletes by providing the highest quality competition and training products, information and services in an effort to help them achieve their dreams.

Dream Big. Train Hard. And then go make it happen … we’ve got your back.

Jay Thornton

American Gymnast