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American Gymnast – Fueling the Flame

As we are approaching another Olympic year (only 363 days from today until the Opening Ceremonies in Rio!), I started thinking about all the gymnasts around our country training to [...]

3 Reasons to Get Gymnastics Equipment in August

Summer break has flown by and kids all around the country are getting ready for the back-to-school and gym season! As we enter August, I want to give you 3 great reasons it's time to buy your gymnastics equipment this month from American Gymnast.

How to break-in gymnastics grips

In this video, we will look at the proper way to break in your gymnastics grips. Gymnasts often complain about breaking in their grips, but the procedure for doing this is fairly simple. This video also illustrates the proper way to enlargen the finger holes on your grips.

When to replace gymnastics grips

When is it time to replace your gymnastics grips? In this video we look at examples of grips that need to be replaced. The leather surface of a grip over time can become worn down and very thin which can result in the leather ripping. This will hopefully help you identify these grips that need to be replaced before they actually rip.

Reisport Gymnastics Grips – New Leather

Just a few weeks ago, Reisport introduced a new leather for all of their men's high bar and ring grips which is now a brown or chocolate color. All of the Reisport men's high bar and ring grips will now be manufactured with this new leather. See them up close here ...

Hot Shot Uneven Bar Gymnastics Grips

The Hot Shot Uneven Bar Gymnastics Grips are our best-selling style of Narrow Grips. The Hot Shots were designed for girls under 70 lbs and under Level 7 in ability ... until now! We now have 3 new styles available!

Update on arrival of Reisport Grips

I was informed today that the flight containing the Reisport Gymnastics Grips we have been waiting on is due to arrive tomorrow, 4/29/10. The backordered Resiport orders for American Gymnast customers will begin shipping on Thursday if they are received into inventory in time, and then continue shipping Friday and Monday until they are all sent out.

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Volcano Disrupts Reisport Grips Supply in U.S.

I was confident that nothing short of a volcano would stop the Reisport grips shipment that was scheduled to leave today. Alas, a volcano would stop this shipment! The volcano in Iceland has grounded planes in Europe. Reisport is hoping these gymnastics grips will be in the air by the middle of next week.

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Selecting the Correct Gymnastics Grips – Palm versus Dowel Grips

When choosing the best pair of Gymnastics Grips for your gymnast, first decide if you need Basic Palm Grips or Dowel Grips. This American Gymnast video will hopefully help gymnasts and parents distinguish between these two types of grips.

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