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How to break-in gymnastics grips

In this video, we will look at the proper way to break in your gymnastics grips. Gymnasts often complain about breaking in their grips, but the procedure for doing this is fairly simple. This video also illustrates the proper way to enlargen the finger holes on your grips.

Hot Shot Uneven Bar Gymnastics Grips

The Hot Shot Uneven Bar Gymnastics Grips are our best-selling style of Narrow Grips. The Hot Shots were designed for girls under 70 lbs and under Level 7 in ability ... until now! We now have 3 new styles available!

Selecting the Correct Gymnastics Grips – Palm versus Dowel Grips

When choosing the best pair of Gymnastics Grips for your gymnast, first decide if you need Basic Palm Grips or Dowel Grips. This American Gymnast video will hopefully help gymnasts and parents distinguish between these two types of grips.

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