In this video, we will look at the proper way to break in your gymnastics grips. Gymnasts often complain about breaking in their grips, but the procedure for doing this is fairly simple.

Start with the finger holes pointed upward and the dowel facing you. Wrap the leather around the dowel and roll the grip down to the cuff. Follow the same procedure with the dowel facing away from you. You should notice a difference in the softening of the leather. Perform this step several times on each grip and on the wrist cuffs as well. Never pinch the leather sharply as this could be detrimental the leather.

When it comes to the finger holes, shown is an example of what not to do to adjust the finger holes. Stretching the opening by hooking it on something and pulling or cutting the holes with a knife or another sharp object can weaken or damage the leather beyond repair or use. (grips with finger holes that are damaged or ripped because of this can NOT be replaced under warranty!)

The proper way to adjust the finger holes is to use a small piece of sandpaper and a pencil. Wrap the sandpaper around the pencil and slowly and carefully sand around the inside of the holes until you have the desired fit.

Once you have desired feel it is ok to start using your grips with basic swings and skills until the grips feel comfortable enough for full giant swings and more advanced skills. Remember it is always a good idea to have a broken-in back up pair of grips at all times. To order new gymnastics grips, go to

Train Smart. Compete Hard!

Jay Thornton
American Gymnast