We are so excited to share the details of our most recent ninja gym design project!

If you know gymnastics, you know 1996 Women’s Olympic Team Member Amanda Borden who, on that eventful day in Atlanta, Georgia, stepped onto the podium along with her other six teammates and received the gold medal in front of the entire world! 

It’s not surprising that Amanda Borden-Cochran continued her love and support for the sport of gymnastics by opening her first training gym – Gold Medal Gymnastics –  in Tempe, Arizona in 2004.  Fitting to her personality, Amanda and her husband Brad Cochran provide a positive atmosphere encouraging and inspiring gymnasts starting with preschool ages all the way up to the elite level of training.  Cheerleading and tumbling programs are also included, providing a variety of athletic avenues for youth.  As this location flourished, Amanda and her husband decided it was time for some growth.  They doubled in size (literally) by opening a second location in 2008 in Chandler, Arizona.  This 25,000 square foot training center hosts competitive team programs, providing full class schedules of preschool, recreational, cheer and tumbling classes just to name a few!  

It is obvious to say that Amanda and Brad certainly know how to provide, maintain and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to running a gymnastics training center. So when this power couple saw that the “sister sport” of gymnastics — ninja obstacle training — was really growing throughout the country, they decided it was time to add this phenomenal sport to their Chandler gym, making their gym now the largest gymnastics facility in Arizona!

We got the call from Amanda and Brad in October 2020 and we were ecstatic to help with this project.  Amanda has been a long-time friend of us at American Gymnast and it was not only a business mission to provide the very best service from beginning to end during this project, but also a personal mission to design and furnish a state-of-the-art ninja training facility.  

Using our 3D Gym Design

We worked closely with Brad, discussing and planning the design of their new ninja obstacle course, taking into account all of their needs and desires, as well as working with the footprint of the gym.   American Gymnast used their own 3D Gym Design, implementing color schemes and product placement to provide Brad and Amanda with 3D renderings along the way,  giving them the ability to see exactly what their new ninja gym would look like.  We used this technology to fine tune the layout, considering entryways and doors to haul equipment and supplies efficiently into the facility, making this project a smooth process.

We are just a few weeks away from completing this amazing project, as we finish the final details before Gold Medal Gymnastics has their grand opening for their ninja program in June 2021.  What an exciting time for Amanda and Brad, their athletes and families, and the future of gymnastics and ninja training.

For more information on ninja gym design and equipment, click here: https://www.american-gymnast.com/contact-us/