The Hot Shot Gymnastics Grips are our best selling style of Narrow Uneven Bar Grips with a Dowel.  The original Hot Shot grips were designed for girls under 70 lbs and under Level 7 in ability.  This will typically include girls that are just beginning to use dowel grips for the first time.  However, as more and more gymnasts started out using the Hot Shot grips, these same girls eventually had to change to a different style gymnastics grip once they passed over the 70 lb mark and/or moved up to Level 7.  For gymnasts in this situation, I generally recommended that they switch to the Millineium One or Two Grips because they they are somewhat similar in shape to the Hot Shot Grips.  The palm of the grip is slightly wider than the Hot Shots, but they are still tapered in the middle as opposed to being cut straight down.

However, now we have a solution for these gymnasts that want to continue using the Hot Shot Grips!  American Gymnast is now offering the Hot Shot Uneven Bar Grips with a Leather Cuff.  These new Hot Shot grips feature the same narrow cut as the original style, but they are now constructed from a slightly heavier leather for more durability – making them now suitable for gymnasts over 70 lbs and/or in Level 7 or higher.

To summarize, the several options available in the Hot Shot style Dowel Grips are now as follows:

For gymnasts 70 lbs or less and under Level 7 in ability:

For gymnasts over 70 lbs or Level 7 or over in ability:

If you are just beginning to use Dowel Gymnastics Grips, give the Hot Shot grips a try.  They are perfect for smaller hands, comfortable to wear, and durable for long-lasting use.  And now, you can use the same style your whole career!