American Gymnast categorizes Lady’s Uneven Bar Dowel Gymnastics Grips into 3 different types – Narrow, Regular and Protec.

The Narrow style of gymnastic grip has a palm that tapers in the middle so that it is narrower than that of a regular width dowel grip.  We typically recommend these for girls when they are maybe just beginning to compete and are choosing their first pair of dowel grips.   For girls with smaller hands, the Narrow Dowel grips are not as cumbersome and actually allow a little more contact between the palm of the hand and the uneven bar, giving them a little more sense of security while they are swinging.  If a girl continues on to a more advanced level, we also carry a Narrow Dowel grip designed with this more advanced girl in mind.  The Millenium One and Millenium Two Dowel Grips are more advanced grips that still have the narrow style palm.

The Regular Width Dowel Grips are the most common style of Uneven Bar Grips that you will find.  The palm of this grip is cut straight down, with no tapering at all in the middle.  The Reisport Uneven Bar Dowel Grips are the most popular style of grips we sell in this category.

The last style of  Uneven Bar Grips we carry are the Elite Protec Uneven Bar Grips.  These grips are in their own category because they are a little different than the other types of grips.  These Protec grips actually have a palm made up of 2 pieces of leather with a Kevlar bond sandwiched in-between.  Because of this chemical bond, the grips are stronger than some other styles, but they don’t stretch as much which can take some getting used to.  We generally recommend this style of grips to higher level optional girls (Levels 9, 10 & Elite) that are breaking other styles of grips more frequently than they should.